Who we are

Square Snacks is a Canadian company that offers you real, functional food, designed to feed your need.

What does that mean?

When you’re craving a snack, your body is telling you it needs nutrients and energy to replenish, and prepare you for what you’re doing next. When you want a snack to satisfy hunger or cravings, we think you should have the choice to answer your body's call with the right nutrients...something that is delicious, of course, but that does so much more than just taste good.

This type of snack is so important, because the other energy bar options available to you are cluttered with hype: whether it is a focus on the latest “superfood”, the nutritional component recently getting the most press, or the weight loss fad that is “sweeping the nation”. Square Snacks does not jump on any bandwagon. And the reasons, like our snacks, are simple. Healthy eating and vitality do not depend on a particular food, restrictive eating, or complicated ingredients. Rather, you feeling your most vital self is about getting back to basics, enjoying your food, and making one decision at a time to support your healthy lifestyle.

We have done our research, and have created Square Snacks to be the perfect combination of all natural and fresh whole foods that are chock full of exactly what your body is asking for to fuel you up and fill you up right. Ingredients are all natural, and sourced from the best close-to-home farms, to keep them fresh and full of nutrients.


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Visit Square Snacks on Facebook

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